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A plugin or page that displays most recently updated pages

Victor Esquino 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2

This functionality should be configurable to display the top 10 most recent pages or top 10 most visited pages/

add "add page" button on "allpages" page

unclear 4 years ago 0
Thats more logical.

edit sections

unclear 4 years ago 0
edit sections besides edit the whole page. This saves a lot of scrolling. Sometimes we have to scroll two times, the content and the preview.

Just like wikipedia.org

The edit button can be added in a contextmenu.
Under review


Tristan Cox 3 years ago • updated by Chris 2 years ago 1
My users are frightened of markup (or even MarkDown). It would be amazing if there was a WYSIWYG editor option.

download files from file manager

unclear 4 years ago 0
We can upload files in the file manager, but we can't check if the correct ones are there.
Under review

Article links without ids

Joel McBeth 2 years ago • updated by Chris 2 years ago 1

I'd much prefer the style of links that wikipedia uses where it is derived entirely from the article title and doesn't rely on the internal ID number.

In my use case this also causes issues. My web application has static links to articles in the wiki, which is serving as a help system. There are several instances of my web application and they each have their own instance of the wiki.

The users can also modify these articles and add new articles. When the user adds their own articles the ids of the articles become unpredictable and when we add new articles to the help system we can't add static links because the ids can now be different for each instance of our web application.


Import from Docx

Bogdan 1 year ago 0

Add option to create a new page from a docx file (with the option to upload the docx file).


simplify search for specific tag

Knut Wehrle 2 years ago 0

Instead of searching for `tags:abc` it would be easier/shorter and probably more common to search for `#abc`. It would be great, if this could be an alternative to the "tags:"-search.


Support for spaces in filenames

Ivo Tops 3 years ago • updated by Chris 3 years ago 1

Is this project dead?

Doug 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 0