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Page Attachments

Christopher Haws 4 years ago • updated by Андрей Терехов 2 years ago 2
I would love the ability to attach files and images to a page and link to/display them within the page.

viewer role

unclear 4 years ago • updated by Vash 4 years ago 1
on a non-public site: besides editors and admins, the viewer role would be nice.

Recently viewed pages breadcrumb trail

Chris 4 years ago 0
Add a list of recently viewed pages breadcrumb trail, similar to the Dokuwiki one.

Custom tag to display bulleted list of tags

Chris 4 years ago 0

"would be nice if you had a varrible like {TAGNAME} that would create a bulleted lists of all pages that had that TAG"

More details here


Favorite Pages section

Brad Kelly 4 years ago • updated by Chris 4 years ago 0
Allow individual users to set favorite pages. Add a main link called "Favorites" (or similar) that provide a list of all pages the user has set as their favorite pages. Include the ability to easily remove them.

Category Pages

Christopher Haws 4 years ago 0
I would love the ability to edit a categories page instead of the category simply listing all of the pages underneath it. I would also like to be able to categorize categories. For example, You could have a Microsoft-SQL-Server that is categorized as a SQL-Server which is categorized as Software. With this comes the ability to structure items in a tree rather than one huge dump of categories.

A plugin for alerts when change have been to pages.

Victor Esquino 4 years ago 0
It would be nice to get alerted when changes have been made to your page or pages you want to be notified about.

Page chooser for links

Chris 4 years ago 0

Add a dialog that gives you a list of the wiki pages, and a search, when adding links to the editor.


create a tree function on the top of the page

Tord Glad Nordahl 4 years ago 0
a tree function where you have articles that are reliable on another and so on,. :D

Add Groups for object permissions

fraze9 3 years ago 0
It would be nice to allow user groups and add another layer of accessibility.

- Add "Viewer" role (users that can login but may not modify)
- User groups (Admins can create)
- Pages can be viewed, not viewed, edited based on "user groups"